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Information technology is a catchall phrase that refers to everything from web design to big data analysis to SEO marking. Some of these IT industries are vastly different from each other and need different technology insurance to cover their liabilities. Whatever your IT specialty, our tech insurance agents can help you find the policies you need to cover your business and meet your legal requirements.

We've covered all kinds of tech and IT companies, including…

Why work with a technology insurance company? Given our expertise in data risks, errors and omissions liabilities, and project management risks, we can help you find the right insurance fast.

We partner with A-rated insurance providers, so we can supply you with insurance quotes from some of the top tech insurance companies in the country. And we can save you money. In a typical transaction, our customers save 10 to 20 percent on the cost of small business insurance. Whether you're an independent contractor or IT project manager, we'll help you find coverage that matches the size of your company and its risk profile.

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