Computer Technician Insurance
Technology Insurance for Computer Repair and Installation Businesses

Whether computer repair shops and technicians are providing data recovery, computer cleaning, virus removal or other services, they often hold the fate of their customers' computers in their hands — sometimes literally. If anything goes wrong, computer storeowners can be at risk for expensive lawsuits.

Say a technician is finishes the repairs on a customer's expensive laptop, but accidentally drops it upon delivery, shattering it. In a case like this, the repair shop's General Liability Insurance may cover the cost of the damage. If customer sues the business, claiming the repair shop was negligent with his property, GL may also cover the shop's lawsuit costs.

Of course, third-party property damages aren't your only risk. A deliveryman slipping and falling on your floor, theft at your computer store, an employee injury — these risks could lead to expensive legal bills and other headaches. Fortunately, computer repair shop insurance may offer some financial protection.

Technology insurance can cover many liabilities including lawsuits, theft, customer property damage, and other risks. See the list of coverages below for more information on small business insurance for computer repair shops.

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