Data Scientist Insurance
Key Insurance Coverages for Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Consultants

As an IT professional that works in business intelligence, there's a lot resting on your shoulders — whether your specialty is preparing KPI reports for clients, mining data, or guiding clients through IT that lets them see their company's performance more clearly. You have to find the signal hidden in your client's noise — and sometimes there's a lot of noise.

Business intelligence and data mining professionals face business risks every day that could lead to expensive lawsuits. What risks are we talking about? Say a client takes the recommendations outlined by your data analysis. Well, what if something goes wrong? If a client doesn't hit its revenue numbers, they could sue you.

And your risks aren't solely related to data. Any business owner has basic business risks, including…

  • Slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Property damage disputes.
  • Employee accidents.

All these scenarios could all lead to expensive legal bills for your business.

Technology insurance may offer some financial protection for these risks. Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance may cover disputes with clients about your work, while General Liability Insurance can cover more basics business lawsuits over third-party injuries and property damage. Browse the list of policies below for more information about small business insurance for business intelligence analysts.

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When you're crunching numbers for clients, the last thing you want to worry about is a complicated and time-consuming business insurance application. Between running your business and helping your clients improve theirs, you've got plenty on your plate already.

That's why Insureon offers a streamlined app for IT professionals. Our online application only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once you've filled in information about your company (like its size and revenue), our tech insurance agents can get you quotes in a hurry.

Whether you're a freelance consultant or run a firm with a dozen analysts, our agents can customize insurance quotes for your business, giving you insurance built for business intelligence professionals.

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