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As a DBA contractor, you can be sued over many issues, ranging from the technical (e.g., data security) to the unpredictable (e.g., a third party tripping and falling at your office). To secure financial security and protection for the cost of lawsuits, many contractors and business owners invest in technology business insurance.

Whether your specialty is Oracle, SQL, or cloud ERP, you may face a number of basic business risks or "liabilities" that could lead to lawsuits. Lost data, SQL injection attacks, and compromised data — these technical issues could lead to a professional liability lawsuit against a DBA.

In addition, you can also face financial risks for non-IT liabilities, including lawsuits over:

  • Personal injury.
  • Defamation.
  • Property damage.

Because database admin insurance may pay for lawsuits, lost property, and other unavoidable business risks, it can offer important financial protection for DBA consultants and contractors.

Below you'll find a list of database administrator insurance policies. Browse your options to find out why other DBAs might have these coverages.

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