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Essential Insurance Policies for Web & Graphic Designers

Businesses increasingly rely on a strong online presence these days, and they look to people like you to help them design an eye-catching, easy-to-use website. You know a good website should be both beautiful and practical – teeming with useful features – and you attempt the capture these qualities in your work.

Whether you operate out of a home office or run a firm of web designers, you face liabilities like any business. And because your work is what connects businesses with the online world, you can be especially susceptible to certain risks, such as data theft and copyright infringement.

At insureon, our agents know how to help web designers of all sizes create business protection plans. That way, when a lawsuit does pop up, you don't have to dig into your savings. Based on our experience, we suggest the following policies for web designers:

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You know firsthand how convenient the Web can be. It's your job, after all. At insureon, we also recognize that sometimes the easiest way to do something is the best way. When you work with us, you can buy your small business insurance online from start to finish. Simply fill out an application, and we'll send your free quotes from top-rated insurance carriers right to your inbox.

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