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Technology Insurance for Cable / Satellite / Telecommunications Installers

As a telecom and cable installer, you get to tell people that you install the "tubes" that make the Internet happen, but things are not always so glamorous for your business. You spend your days working in cramped spaces, climbing ladders, stringing wire, and plugging hard-to-see gaps with firestop. It's hard work, and it isn't without its risks.

Say you're installing new cabling for a client. If a client's employee trips over your wires, you could be sued over the injury. If one of your employees slips off a ladder, you might have to pay for an expensive Workers' Compensation claim.

Technology insurance for cabling and telecom installation contractors may offer financial protection for these lawsuits. For example, if you're sued when a client trips over your cabling, General Liability Insurance may cover the cost to:

  • Hire lawyers to defend your company.
  • Pay to settle the lawsuit out of court.
  •  Compensate your client for their injuries.

Tech insurance for telecom professionals is an important way you shield your business from unpredictable and expensive legal costs.

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