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Liability Insurance for IT Subcontractors

As a technology subcontractor, you go where your expertise is needed. Often, a tech contractor will hire you on to play a very specific role in the creation or implementation of a project. But that limited role doesn't mean your liabilities are also narrow. In fact, you could be dragged into a lawsuit that targets everyone involved with the project, be it a mobile app, website, or network security system.

Say, for example, a software developer hires you to do some programming work. If the finished product has a security flaw that allows a user's data to be breached, you, all the other subcontractors, and project owners can be sued for the oversight. And even if the lawsuit is frivolous, it may take thousands in attorney fees to resolve the issue.

If you’re not prepared, you’re on your own for these expenses. But if you’re carrying business insurance, you may have some help (Errors and Omissions Insurance is especially important for cases like these where your professional work is called into question). 

Besides being a contract requirement in many cases, business insurance is an essential part of looking out for yourself and your business assets. Working on one project after another means you’re attaching your name to more and more things that could potentially backfire. Your clients and fellow contractors can't cover you, but the appropriate insurance policies can.

At Insureon, our IT insurance agents can help you understand how your business can benefit from having coverage. For instance, you might want coverage for third-party injuries, property theft, and professional liability in your IT subcontracting work. We can find policies that address these needs and send the quotes to your inbox.

Based on our experience insuring IT subcontractors, we typically recommend you consider the policies listed below.

IT Subcontractors: Find Custom Insurance Coverage Online

The Internet is great, isn’t it? Besides allowing you to do loads of IT work from your home or local café – or procrastinate said work by watching videos of kittens – it makes the process of shopping for business insurance much easier. Our online application only takes minutes to complete, no leaving the house necessary!

Because we work with top-tier carriers, our agents can find insurance tailored for your industry, risks, and needs. That way you don’t pay for what you don’t need. We can email your quotes and you make the final call on what you want. And if you have any questions about coverage or policy details, we’re here to help.

Let us find the appropriate insurance solution for your IT subcontracting business while you focus on the work stuff. Pause the cat video, and start your application today!

IT Consultants: Find Custom Insurance Coverage

You likely rely on the convenience and speed of the Internet for lots of your everyday job duties. It should be no different with insurance. Our online application only takes minutes to complete. Because we work with top-tier carriers, our agents can find custom-fit insurance coverage so that you don't pay for what you don't need. Let us help your IT consulting firm find the appropriate insurance solution. Fill out an application today!

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