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Most Essential Insurance Policies for Technical Writers

As a technical writer, you produce software documentation, manuals, customer service materials, and other technical communications. And it's your job to boil down complex technical language into simple prose. Easier said than done.

When clients come to you, they'll want to see examples of your past work to show that you're up to the challenge. Often, they'll also want the reassurance of knowing that your company has small business tech insurance like Professional Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, or other policies. (See a list of insurance options below).

Your small business insurance may protect you from the cost of lawsuits, including lawsuits over third-party injuries or property damage and client disputes. If a client sues you over an error in your technical writing, Professional Liability Insurance may cover your legal bills and financial damages you owe may the client.

Because lawsuits are incredibly expensive, technical writer insurance may offer you important financial security and potentially shield you from legal costs that could bankrupt your business.

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We know you don't have all day to talk about technical writing insurance — so Insureon has streamlined our insurance application. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes and you can complete the process online. Fill in information about your company and receive free insurance quotes via email.

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