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Key Insurance Coverages for Web Hosting Companies

You're the invisible face of the Internet, but that's not a bad thing. Your company works behind the scenes to store files, maintain servers, or host a number of other services that people and businesses rely on every day. When people wonder where the "cloud" that stores all of their data is, you know exactly where to point.

But being invisible doesn't mean you're safe from the risks that come with running a business. In fact, your services can be so important to some businesses that if anything goes awry, you could liable for their losses. If your servers go down, if data is lost, or if a client comes at you with a frivolous lawsuit, the cost of hiring a legal team and fixing the damages can exceed your small business's budget.

With the proper insurance, these costs can be mitigated and you can continue to grow your company without fear of going bankrupt. At insureon, our agents are experts in the IT industry who know the kind protection web hosting companies need. That's why we typically recommend the following policies:

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Web Hosting Businesses: Liability Coverage for Less

Whether you're a small company that runs a server or two for a web application or a growing business with multiple employees and sizable contracts, we know how to customize coverage based on your unique risks. Our agents hand select your insurance policies, which means you won't pay for unnecessary coverage. Just complete an online application, and you'll receive free quotes from top-rated carriers.

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