Commercial Property Insurance
for IT Businesses, Consultants & Subcontractors

No matter where your IT expertise lies, when you own a computer, web, or IT services business, you have equipment and supplies you need in order to operate. When disaster strikes — theft, fire, or another unforeseen event — your business could face losses of time and expenses as you replace your assets.

Fortunately for IT professionals, Property Insurance offers your business a little breathing room should something go wrong and your business assets need to be quickly replaced. By insuring your business space, office equipment, inventory, and supplies against damage or loss, your Property Insurance policy protects your business from uncertainty. Plus, your policy usually covers a range of uncontrollable risks, such as tornados, fires, theft, and vandalism.

When you're an IT services professional in need of new equipment and operable space, every day your doors stay closed or your system is down means lost business. Keep reading to learn more about how Property Insurance makes sure you can get back to serving your clients quickly, even after a disaster occurs.

IT Professionals: How Property Insurance Works for You

IT Professionals: How Property Insurance Works for You

Your IT business's assets, including building space, computer and media equipment, inventory, and supplies can be covered by your Property Insurance policy. One major decision that will determine the breadth of your policy is whether or not you wish to insure your business assets at their current value or replacement value. While the former option may save you a little money in the short term, it doesn't account for how quickly computer and media equipment depreciates in value. Covering your assets at their full replacement value may cost slightly more, but the higher premium means that in the event of a covered claim, you will have the funds to quickly replace your property with new gear.

For coverage that provides a wide scope of protection against property damage and liability claims, a Business Owner's Policy or BOP may be appropriate for your needs. Since many IT services businesses are typically low-risk, your business may be eligible for this coverage, which bundles General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance at a discounted rate. Talk to an insureon agent to discover whether your business meets the criteria for this comprehensive business insurance policy.

Key Details About Your Property Insurance

Key Details About Your Property Insurance

Your commercial Property Insurance protects your insured property, even if it's not on your business premises when the covered damage or loss occurs. In the event of a covered claim, your Property Insurance offers you the peace of mind that you can quickly replace your damaged or lost equipment and resume your business operations without hassle or worry.

To give you an idea about what your Property Insurance policy may include, consider the following types of coverage that computer, web, and IT professionals tend to look for in their policies.

Building Coverage for IT Services Businesses

If you rent your office space or storefront, your landlord may already require that you carry some kind of building insurance coverage as part of your business insurance plan. In the event that a tornado or fire destroys your office building or store, this coverage will kick in and provide the funds needed to make repairs to the building and get your premises back in working order. Depending on your policy, this coverage can also protect the building's contents, such as its furnishings, fixtures, merchandise, and supplies, at their replacement value.

Computers and Media Coverage for Computer, Web, and IT Professionals

For professionals who rely on computers, computer equipment, tablets, or smartphones to conduct business, this coverage is an invaluable business protection asset. The coverage can also provide for the costs to research, replace, or repair lost or damaged data and software in the event of covered damage to computer equipment, such as certain power failures or a computer virus.

Business Interruption Coverage for IT Professionals

When unforeseen situations put your business on hold, business interruption coverage can provide the funds you need to cover utilities, rent, payroll expenses, or foregone income, depending on your policy. You may receive reimbursement of your actual loss of earnings for up to 12 months as the result of a covered property loss. Ask your insureon agent about business interruption coverage and whether it's appropriate for your risk management plan.

IT Professionals: Customize Your Business Protection Plan

IT Professionals: Customize Your Business Protection Plan

Our insureon agents know that for computer, web, and IT businesses, you depend on your property in order to serve your clients. That's why we work with top-tier insurance providers who are known for their speedy responses in the event of a covered claim. We also offer customized business insurance policies to ensure there are no gaps in your coverage. When you're ready to safeguard the equipment, supplies, and inventory you rely on to serve your clients, contact our IT business insurance experts today.

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