Cutting Risk on the Cutting Edge:
Growing a Safer IT Business

We've insured tens of thousands of small businesses — many of them startups and independent contractors — so we understand the challenges small-business owners face in the first months and years of their business. There's so much to keep track of and so few hours in the day.

Running a small business isn't easy, so we've put together these resources to help you manage IT risk, prevent lawsuits, and run your business more smoothly. These articles cover everything from basic HR protocol to how to improve your communication with clients. Take a look:

Launching a Technology Business

Get an overview of how to start a technology business, whether as a freelancer, a contractor, or the boss.

Top Professional Liability Risks for Small IT Businesses

Read up on five of the biggest sources of professional liability risks for small IT businesses so you can keep your business safe from lawsuits.

What Counts as an IT Business?

Find out why even part-time freelancers are considered businesses for legal purposes, and what that means for how you should operate.

HR Tips: Learning the Law

Familiarize yourself with the legalities around hiring employees so you don't end up paying fines over mishandled benefits or compensation.

IT Contractors and Subcontractors: What's the Difference?

Find out how to make sure your liabilities are covered, no matter how many individuals are working on a project.

What Insurance Do IT Contractors Need?

Learn the ins and outs of insurance needs for yourself and any contractors you work with to make sure you're not left footing the bill for a liability lawsuit.

Essential Contracts for IT Businesses

Discover which legal documents will help your business run smoothly day to day and protect your interests if you ever find yourself in court.

The Technology X Factor: Client Communication

Find out how to avoid redoing work by keeping your clients in the loop.

Third-Party Cyber Risk: What Every IT Business Should Know

Get the facts about cyber liability: how you're exposed, how to manage your risk, and what your responsibilities are to your clients.

Contractors or Employees? Choose Right for Best Results

Find out which factors really count in worker classification so you can avoid fines and penalties (hint: it's not just what your contract says).

Lawsuit Prevention Policies for IT Businesses

Want to stay out of court? Put these policies in place to minimize your odds of facing a lawsuit.

Risk Management Checklist: How to Protect Your IT Company

Avoid the most common loss scenarios by minimizing the risks that threaten your revenue.

Top 5 Risks for Small IT Businesses

Familiarize yourself with the biggest threats to small IT businesses so you can keep your operations safe and in the black.

IT Insurance FAQs for the Small-Business Owner

Get answers to some of the most common questions we hear from owners of small IT businesses and submit yours.

If you're budgeting your small business insurance and have questions about the cost of IT coverage, check out our sample insurance cost estimates for IT businesses.

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