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Traffic Management for the Information Superhighway

If you're reading this, you know how to pull up a website. But what you may not know is how your browser brings you to a webpage or why it happens as quickly as it does. Fortunately, the five-person team at NSONE (pronounced "N. S. One") knows exactly what's happening behind the scenes — and they're working to make things faster (and smarter).

NSONE helps websites control their DNS (Domain Name System). DNS maps names like Insureon.com to their underlying Internet addresses, making sure you are connected to the right server when you browse the web. This lets you stream your favorite movies, connect with your friends on social networks, check your favorite sports teams' scores, and get insurance quotes for your business.

Simple, right? Not quite. Building the technology and the network for a world-class DNS service is incredibly complex.

"We're trying to get as close as possible to our customers' customers," says Alex Vayl, Senior Vice President of Business Development at , "to get them to the right server faster." And when surfing the Internet, speed is everything: "What we're talking about is the speed of light. A 100-millisecond delay might not sound like much. After all, it's just one tenth of a second. But when you add up all those requests it makes the difference of someone staying on your website or going elsewhere because it's loading too slow." But speed is only part of the equation. "When it comes to traffic management, you can't just be fast," explains Alex, "you need to be intelligent as well."

So how does the Manhattan-based business achieve speed and smarts?

First, there's NSONE's patent-pending technology, the Filter Chain. Alex explains that the Filter Chain is a system that "allows you to control your traffic on a very granular level, sending users to the right servers depending on several different factors." This is especially important to businesses that operate servers in different parts of the world. With Filter Chain technology, NSONE can route users to the closest geographical server, or even the least busy server, helping ensure websites load as quickly as possible. The Filter Chain works best when it's fed data. And NSONE loves data.

Another one of the business's unique offerings is its Data Feed technology. Simply put, "[Data Feed is] pulling various types of data about our customers' infrastructure and making decisions about where we send their traffic based on that data," says Alex, palpably excited about the process. As an example, if NSONE's Data Feed receives information that a client's primary server has gone down, traffic can be re-routed to a secondary location automatically. For the common Internet user, this just means that websites will stay up even if a server has gone down.

Sure, this is complex stuff, but NSONE's team explains technical jargon in layman's terms and holds its customers' hands during the configuration and deployment stages. "We're fanatical about support," says Alex before going on to talk about NSONE's 24-hour availability and 100% uptime guarantee. "We understand that not everybody is technical," he explains, "but the fact is, DNS is here to stay. It's one of the core technologies that powers the Internet."

And the guys at NSONE know a lot about the Internet. Though the company started in 2013, the founding members brought with them a combined 20 years of experience in web hosting. From building content delivery networks, cloud technologies, and APIs to running sales teams in the US and Asia to managing global operations, they're geeks at heart. And if you should ever doubt their geek cred, know this: The CEO, Kris Beevers, has a Ph.D. in robotics.

One area they don't have a vast well of knowledge, though, is small business insurance. The founding members knew that insurance was necessary and they knew they wanted coverage that they could set and forget, so to speak. At the recommendation of an employee, they tried insureon. In one call, NSONE found an easy, effective solution for their insurance needs, allowing the team to stay focused on completely revolutionizing a fairly flat-lined industry.

"Ultimately we went into this business because our competitors have been stagnating and aren't transparent with their customers," Alex says. "Nobody else is doing anything like this."Or, in layman's terms, NSONE is doing it right. The only thing they can't do is buy you a cup of coffee. But if you happen to be near their New York headquarters, that just may be an option as well.

To learn more about NSONE and data driven DNS, visit https://ns1.com/ New browser window icon..

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