Sample Certificates of Insurance
for IT Businesses, Consultants & Subcontractors

If you own an IT business or operate as a freelancer or independent contractor, you’ve probably seen client contracts that demand proof of insurance. That proof usually comes in the form of a Certificate of Liability Insurance, a one-page document that proves you have IT insurance and summarizes the important details about your coverage.

It details who your policy covers (your business, contractors, etc.), how much coverage you have, and when the policy expires.

If you have an active insurance policy, you can download a Certificate of Liability Insurance directly from your insurance provider. If you bought your policy through Insureon, you can download an insurance certificate from our website whenever you need it via your secure customer portal. If you're not currently covered, don't worry — we can find you a policy and provide you with access to your insurance certificate within 24 hours of your submitting an online IT insurance application.

Sample Certificates of Insurance for the IT Industry

If you want to see what your certificate might look like, check out our sample Certificate of Insurance for technology businesses.

Certificate of Insurance [PDF]

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