TIRA 2015: Tech Industry Risk Assessment
Part 2: Seven Areas to Focus on for Better Security and Risk Management

In reviewing application data and talking to some IT security experts, we were able to identify seven key areas that IT professionals should focus on this year for better security and decreased risks. What kind of risks are we talking about? Every kind a business faces: client lawsuits, data breaches, insider misuse, malfunctions, project management problems, vendor conflicts, and more. While our applicants are already doing pretty well in some of these areas, they're important enough that we wanted to mention them anyway (and, according to one of our experts, risk management practices may be over-reported on an insurance application — who would've thunk?).

So: deep breath. What follows are details about seven things to think about in the next year as you grow and strengthen your business:

  1. Project management procedures
  2. Complaint resolution policies
  3. Contracts
  4. Subcontractor agreements
  5. Customer acceptance / signoff procedures
  6. Employee education
  7. Errors & Omissions Insurance
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