TIRA 2015: Tech Industry Risk Assessment
TIRA Summary: Small or Micro, Be Wary of Your Risks


We sincerely hope you found something useful in this TIRA report. Whether or not you implement any of our seven suggested risk-management strategies, you should at least take away the idea that your business is never too small to treat it like a "real" business. After all, your tax obligations and liability exposures are significant from the moment you land your first client. So give some serious thought to introducing the kind of policies, paperwork, and procedures that can keep your clients happy, your employees informed, and your business in the black.


Unless cited otherwise, the information in this report comes from data insureon collects from IT businesses that apply for coverage through us. For this report, we drew data from more than 10,000 of our applicants.

To get some insight on our findings, we enlisted the help of a few veterans of IT risk management, including:

  • Robert Covington, founder of and a 30-year veteran of the IT and data security world.
  • Mitzi L. Hill, a data security lawyer with 20 years of experience advising businesses about IT best practices.

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