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Technology Insurance for Internet / Digital Marketing Agencies

Whether your specialty is social media, SEO, or using big data analytics to find a target audience for your clients, small business tech insurance can be designed to cover some of your advertising business's biggest financial risks.

What risks affect digital marketers? Your firm could be sued for:

  • Accidental copyright infringement in an image you post.
  • Defamatory remarks as part of a campaign.
  • Bungling data analytics that cause a client's marketing strategy to tank.

Lawsuits can arrive unexpectedly. Say a deliveryman headed up to your office slips on the stairs, tumbles, and breaks his leg. An accident like this could lead to a pricey lawsuit. Fortunately, digital advertising insurance may protect you from some of these financial bumps in the road.

In additional to injury lawsuits, internet marketing insurance can include Professional Liability Insurance to cover disputes about your work. A disappointed client could blame your failed marketing strategy and sue you for:

  • Low sales.
  • Slow business
  • Other problems.

Remember: you don't actually have to be responsible for these problems to face litigation. A client just has to pin the blame on you and file a lawsuit.

Browse the list of technology insurance policies below to learn more about protecting your business from the cost of lawsuits, accidents, property damage, and other risks.

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How to Find Online Insurance for Digital Internet Marketers

Insureon offers a quick-and-easy online insurance application for digital and Internet marketers.

If you're anything like other marketing professionals, you've probably got a few projects going on right now. You're working on an SEO overhaul for one client, while also putting together a presentation about click rates for another. In other words, you don't have a lot of time to worry about your insurance.

That's why we make our online insurance app simple. It only takes about 15 minutes, and our agents will email you customized insurance quotes from top-rated carriers.

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