Technology Insurance for IT Training Professionals
Small Business Insurance Coverage for IT Training

Whether you're a Microsoft Certified Trainer or a specialist in employee data security education, your IT training business will be exposed to risk — which is why many IT training professionals and contractors invest in technology small business insurance.

Your risks may include…

  • The mundane. Say you stand up to make a presentation to your client and spill your coffee on their computer. Or a client's employee is injured when they trip over your laptop power cord. These accidents and injuries can happen to any business.
  • The highly technical. For example, you could specialize in data security training and liable if a client's employee isn't properly trained and clicks on a phishing email. If a client has a problem with your training or their employees' performance, you could be sued in a professional liability lawsuit.

IT training insurance may cover the cost of these lawsuits, paying for your legal bills if a client sues you over an accident, injury, or problem with your work.

Browse the list of insurance policies below to learn more about your options for IT trainer insurance.

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At Insureon, we love talking about insurance — it's what we do — but we realize that most IT contractors want to get their insurance coverage as quickly as they can and spend as little time worrying about it as possible.

To make things easy for you, we've developed an online insurance application. Upon completing our streamlined app, you'll receive free quotes via email. No long application over the phone. No hassle.

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