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To your clients, SEO or SEM may seem a little bit like black magic — to them, it's an assortment of tricks that can boost their web traffic, click rates, and search engine rankings. You help them sort out the challenges of digital marketing and improve their web presence.

To protect your business from the cost of client lawsuits and other financial risks, you can invest in SEO consultant tech insurance. What is SEO / SEM business insurance? To answer that question it's helpful to start with the basics. If a client sues your firm, how much would it cost? For most small businesses, the cost of a lawsuit — often six or seven figures — could be devastating. Fortunately, SEO liability insurance can help offer protection by paying for your legal expenses.

There many SEO business insurance policies to consider — General Liability, Professional Liability, and Property Insurance are some of the most common (you can see the full list below). Each policy covers a different area of your risk management.

To help you sort out what insurance makes sense for your business, it's helpful to work with insurance agents that know SEO / SEM liabilities. Because Insureon helps thousands of SEO contractors and tech businesses each year, we're in a unique position to help you find business insurance to cover your professional liabilities and protect your business from costly lawsuits, property damage, and other financial risks.

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