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For NSOne, Insureon makes running an IT business easier. As a DNS specialist promising 100 percent uptime, NSOne doesn't have time to worry about its insurance coverage. It’s focused on rolling out updates and keeping some of the Internet's largest websites running smoothly. CEO Kris Beevers explains why insureon is great: he never has to second guess his coverage. Read the full story.

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Managing Reputational Risk

of IT business leaders consider reputational risk the hardest to manage.

The Value of Reputation

of IT business leaders consider reputation a business’s most valuable asset.
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Top 5 Risks
  1. Client data breaches.
  2. Insufficient revenue.
  3. IT lawsuits.
  4. Cash flow problems.
  5. Day-to-day business liabilities.
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Cutting Risk on the Cutting Edge

Launching a Technology Business
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IT Contractors VS. Subcontractors
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HR Tips: Learning the Law
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Compare Technology Insurance Quotes from 35 Leading Carriers

As the owner of a small IT business, you need technology insurance that covers the risks specific to the tech industry. Data breaches, software errors, and malfunctioning IT solutions can all lead to expensive, time-consuming lawsuits. How do you get coverage for these risks?

Our technology insurance agents specialize in IT insurance and customize Errors and Omissions Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, and other policies to cover your IT liabilities. With our expertise in small-business coverage, we can even help you save money on your insurance premiums.

Your technology insurance needs depend on the size of your company and the requirements outlined in your contracts and state laws.

For a small-business owner, sorting out these requirements can be difficult. That's why it's helpful to work with an insurance company like insureon that specializes in tech coverage. We have experience insuring tens of thousands of small businesses and know how to find the affordable coverage your business needs to fulfill requirements, sign contracts, and protect itself from lawsuits, property loss, and other major expenses.

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